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Restoring Your Body's Natural Bio-Rhythms

Use these guidelines to help you recover from symptoms of radiation sickness, restore your cells to their natural frequencies, and recharge your internal battery banks.

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Get out of town as often as possible and as far from wireless signals as possible. This will allow your bio-electrical system to return to its own operating frequencies. Graphic: The City Edition

July 15, 2018 -- Since our bodies are electric, they operate at a certain voltage and vibrate at certain frequencies. Unfortunately, EMF radiation from both wireless and hard-wired sources can and do disrupt normal bio-electric activity, causing illness and disease. The suggestions below may help you recover from the initial symptoms of radiation sickness if you respond quickly and often. Try them out and see if your headaches, fatigue, eyestrain, shortness of breath, heart palpitations and other symptoms subside. (WARNING: If you're experiencing a severe headache following a cell phone call, tinnitus or some other unusual or severe symptom, contact a doctor immediately and stop using wireless products until the situation is resolved.)

Earthing and Grounding Your Body

Earthing means creating a direct ground to Earth for excess electricity to flow into. The best way to do that is to go outside, take off your shoes and socks, then stand on some grass, soil, dirt or sand. You can stand on concrete to ground yourself, but direct earthing (making contact with soil, sand etc.) will also enable the earth's natural energy to move up inside you. Then each of your 70 trillion cells can shake off the discordant high-frequency pulsing of wireless microwaves and more quickly return to their naturally low frequencies. While grounding only takes a few seconds, on a pleasant day try to spend more time making contact with the earth and imbibing its good vibes.

If you find the ground too cold or inhospitable, earth yourself with your hands instead of your feet. You can put them on a tree trunk, or (if nothing else is available) a fire hydrant or steel pole. Of course, if the surface you touch is really cold, your body heat will flow right out of you into it and that would be counter-productive. Conversely, if what you touch is really hot, that wouldn't be helpful, either. So use common sense when performing this exercise.

If you can't go outside and earth yourself, you can still ground yourself indoors. If you have copper pipes nearby that aren't too hot or cold to touch, hold them for a few seconds. In an older apartment building, you can grab stone or masonry at a window ledge, or a metal apartment radiator if it's not hot. These are all connected to the earth below. Alternatively, you can ground yourself by taking a shower or a swim. For a more elaborate grounding, take a bath using Epsom or other mineral salts. Just remember that this option can take more electricity out of your body than you'd normally want to release. Consider keeping the bathtime under 10 minutes, especially when using Epson salt, which contains sulphur.

Spend More Time Outdoors

Besides earthing, going outdoors allows you to breathe ionized air, which is better than the positively-charged atmosphere inside a home or office with heat or air conditioning units blowing. If you use electronic equipment for long periods of time, take frequent breaks. Once outside, be sure to stretch out your limbs or do a few calisthenics to circulate the fresh oxygen through your bloodstream. EMF radiation is known to disrupt blood cell activitiy so a little exercise may help those cells return to their normal function.

Even if you can't take a vacation, you can usually escape the barrage of pulsing microwaves by visiting a local park. Graphic: The City Edition

Take Trips to Wilderness or Rural Places

Since city and suburban folks get blasted with powerful, vibrating microwaves day in and out, it pays to get out of town often and visit places where you can't get cell signal. Just as EMF emssions can cause brain fog and other altered states of consciousness, being in a natural outdoor setting can restore your mind and body to their optimum operating frequencies. Camp in a tent or stay in a cabin so you can have access to fresh, ionized air 24/7.

Even within a city, there are usually places you can go where EMF emissions are less concentrated. Look around, you may find refuge at a botanical garden, arboretum, spiritual building or a park with dirt trails, trees and bike paths. Remember, trees rooted in the earth bring up the energy from deep below, like acupuncture needles. And just like all the other creatures who cling to their bows for sustenance, you too can get revived and rejuvenated by sitting by a tree. If you live near a body of water, go for a boat, ferry ride or swim. And if you can't leave your home, perhaps there's a backyard you can spend time in.

Regenerating Your Body With Sleep

Ironically, the most important thing you can do to recover from EMF radiation exposure may also be the easiest. Get a full night's rest seven days a week. Sleep is the body's built-in mechanism for detoxing unhealthy materials, restoring its natural biorhythms, creating new cells and recharging your battery banks. However, a lot of us have insomnia these days, and EMF emissions are known to disrupt sleep patterns. So be sure to read the section on home EMF hazard on the "Reducing EMF Exposure" page if you have trouble sleeping.

Other tips to help you sleep: Finish dinner between 6 and 7 p.m. and make sure this meal includes more protein and fats than carbs and sugars. If you drink caffeine or use other stimulants (even sugar), do it before noon. Whenever possible, cease all computer/cell phone communications two hours before bedtime and keep your TV watching to a minimum.

Performing a breathing exercise, meditation and/or muscle relaxation routine should also help. Sleep therapists suggest getting outdoors and exerting yourself in some physical capacity each day, reducing light intensity an hour before bed, and not using your bed for work, reading or other activity.

Nutrition and Supplements

Unlike nuclear radiation, EMF radiation doesn't knock electrons out of their valence shells. Its mechanism of harm is considered more comparable to what happens in the case of cancer and degenerative diseases. Doctors refer to "oxidative stresses" as the common trigger of these life-threatening illnesses. Because radiation sickness acts at the cellular level as well, the same recommendations apply to treating EMF radiation sickness. The main difference is that radiation sickness can affect all systems of the body at the same time.

A diet emphasizing proteins and healthy fats, along with a high intake of anti-oxidant foods is recommended to fend off oxidative stresses and keep your detox organs functioning at optimum capacity. Consuming high-alkaline foods and drinks (e.g. lemon water) is another key component of this diet. That's because coffee, sugar and so many other common foods we eat are highly acidic, fostering a more favorable environment for disease to spread.

In one of her Powerpoint presentations available on You-Tube, Dr. Erica Mallery-Blythe mentions the supplement Super-Oxide Dismutase (S.O.D.) as potentially useful in treating EMF-related illness. S.O.D. destroys the super oxide molecule in the body that binds with another compound known as nitric oxide. Biochemist's Martin Pall's research into EMF-radiated cells found that when these two chemicals combine, it produces peroxynitrite, a known trigger of cancer and neurodegenerative diseases. Thus, by taking S.O.D to remove the super oxide, you'll prevent the formation of peroxynitrite.

S.O.D. is already produced automatically inside our bodies but the amount declines with age. Deficiencies in trace minerals, including zinc, copper and manganese, reduces the production of S.O.D. An amino acid, cysteine, is also required for superoxide dismutase’s structure. Undenatured whey proteins are the best source of bioavailable-bonded cysteine, which can enter our cells and help with dismutase production. Raising glutathione levels may increase SOD levels as well. Finally, some foods are naturally high in dismutase, like chaga mushrooms.

For a more complete rundown on how to use nutritional healing to keep your body strong and free of cancer-triggering compounds, visit the Detox and Prevention Guide at ChemtrailSafety.com.

Don't Let Fear of EMF's Get You Down

Even worse than the physical effects of EMF radiation on the body is the fear and anxiety it creates in some people. Don't fall into that trap. Asserting control of your life, even in the worst possible situation, is exactly what makes us grow and get stronger. If you're stuck for hours each day in a room full of routers, and your walls are emitting dirty electricity, you must convince yourself that's it's the Taj Mahal for the time it takes to implement an exit strategy. And keep reminding yourself that EMF radiation is not immediately harmful like nuclear and x-ray radiation.

That said, if you're clearly feeling either ill or simply overwhelmed by what's going on, take a day or two off and ask your loved ones or friends for help. Just as you wouldn't want to keep straining a sore back and risk a more serious injury, the symptoms of radiation sickness should be addressed promptly once they begin to surface. If you're having problems with EMF exposure at school, be sure to read the recommendations for this scenario on the "Reducing EMF Exposure" page.

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